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Design in all aspects, everything needs to be designed…


In today's world, when everything is so accessible and straightforward, it is necessary to process the environment in which we live to new and innovative designs, we are in the regeneration of many technological innovations and design and it is time we begin to get an updated design and access to all the aspects of our lives.


With today's technologies, we have many options to dream and design anything,in any form, anywhere. we work with the best technology's to design with a free frontal access that provides endless options.                 

Our team consists of product and industrial designers, engineers, architects, graphic artists and media professionals.


​Bago-studio team believes that everything should be designed, there is nothing that you can't design to better aesthetically and more efficient intelligent accessible that considers both environment and consumption for everyone. The studio is based on clean original and modern designs with high accessibility and environmentally friendly while better maintaining optimal functionality.

bago studio
bago studio

Auto Grow
Hydroponics Device

bago studio

Gilad tal, k-dan Israel, 12245


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